Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Saying Goodbye to a Friend

Saying goodbye is hard, extremely hard.

Last week I said goodbye to a good friend. Christy introduced me to him a little over ten years ago. We hit it off quickly. A better friend I have not had. What follows is a letter to him.

I can’t believe I have to say goodbye. You have been so close—in fact, closer than I expected. There wasn’t a day that we didn’t connect. You were there to celebrate both of my sons’ births. We went on mission trips together. You even went with me on vacation.

It was you who helped me to see God’s love for me and His plan for me. You had a deep understanding of what God wanted from me. Sometimes you revealed that to me in your gentle compassionate way, and then there were those times when you were not so gentle. You were right every time and I am the better man for it.

Even now as I think of you, I am still amazed at how well you knew me. In fact, I think you knew me better than I knew myself. You knew when I needed that word of encouragement. You also knew when I needed to be pushed off my high horse. Oh, when I think of those things that you had to say to me. I wish I had the same wisdom to deal with others around me as the way you dealt with me.

You were always the first one I called when I was going through a tough time. You lifted me up when I was not strong enough. You heard my complaints. You listened, and after I was done, only then did you share your insights. God chose you above everyone else to be the conduit to hear His voice.

I will always cherish the time we had together. It saddens me that others do not know you or spend time with you. They miss out. In fact, I wonder how anyone can hear God’s voice without your guidance.

Goodbye Bible. Your binding is broken and I need to replace you. It took months for me to follow through with this, but I have to do it.

I have a new friend. I trust that he too will lead me to God. I know that he will hold true to all of the same promises.


  1. Deryk,
    I noticed that you had a "new friend" on Sunday...
    I know that you and this new friend will quickly bond as the thread was never broken with your previous Bible. Thank you for sharing this profound observation.

  2. I don't know if I could replace the Bible that has been with me through many significant moments. Maybe pack it away and place it on a shelf in the closet. Hope your new "friend" brings you joy!

  3. Deryk,
    It is hard to make a new friend, but this new friend will be full of love and guidance just as the old. In no time at all you will bond and it will take you on a wonderful learning adventure full of God's blessings. Thanks for sharing.
    Anne W.


  5. You are so right. God uses the Bible to speak to us. We are so quick to forget and try to live our lives on our own - without our 'friend'.

  6. are you a highlighter/underliner/verse circler/parenthesis type Bible owner, or is your book pristine? I am the first type, and it boggled my mind to see a brother whose Bible was spotless. I almost asked if he'd read it.. but I know he has.. :D
    I will never get rid of my first Bible (it's a gift from my parents), but I now use another for day to day and refer to the first for clarification. there are many other versions floating around my house (maybe 6 altogether). But the first is my favourite.