Thursday, December 2, 2010


“It’s the most wonderful time of the year.”

I agree. This is my favorite time of the church year. I love the focus of the season of Advent. I need the reminder to wait and long for Jesus. I read the stories of those who did it before Jesus birth and it brings me to a deeper devotion.

It has always been a special time for me, but a number of years ago, the depth of my understanding grew. During that December we realized we were pregnant with Sam.

I say “we” because we all know that men do all the work. By using “we”, it allows me to include Christy in some of the pregnancy. Oh, and one more thing, I am not dropping a hint, WE ARE NOT PREGNANT.

That Advent was completely different. I understood the emotions of Mary and Joseph in a completely new way. Like Mary and Joseph, we were expectant. We were excited and we dreamed about what God would do. All the texts came alive, and my prayers were filled with longing and anticipation.

Advent calls us to be expectant. It is a season of waiting. This waiting, though, is different. This is not like waiting in line at the DMV. This is not one of those never-ending I hope we get out of here soon types of waiting. This is waiting with expectancy. It is counting off the days until the due date. It is exciting.

I remember that December was filled with such joy and imaginative hope. My mind would race at times, thinking about what God was going to do. Who would the baby look like? Boy or girl? What character qualities will come out? I can’t wait to hold the baby! I imagine that Joseph and Mary had those same thoughts, wild with excitement.

During the final weeks of the pregnancy there was excited readiness. The bags were packed for the hospital. The cell phone was on. We were ready to go. It was so exciting because any moment could be THE moment. During Advent we have that same readiness. The truth is that Jesus can return any moment. And so we are to be ready. The waiting might not be long, and THIS moment could be the moment.

As I am writing these words and remembering that December, I wonder why this can’t be more of the reality of my Christian life. Why can’t I live a more expectant life? Why can’t I have more of that excitement and imaginative hope of His return? Why do I need Advent to remind me of something that I am already supposed to be living?

Those are all tough questions for me, with some complex answers. But I don’t want to wait any longer to get my faith in gear. I need a jump-start now. So I am really excited for Advent. I am going to use this time to increase my fervor and passion for Jesus. I want to ache for Him and be excited for His coming. I want to be expectant and look for His presence in the here and now. I am going to follow Mary and Joseph and all the others and long for Him to come right now.

I love Advent.

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  1. God certainly did bless you and Christy! Sam!!! Your words bring to mind the song "I can Only Imagine" Will i sing Halleluh, will i be able to speak at all...i can only imagine...I love Advent too!

  2. I love the ad... Nice work!
    And thanks for sharing, Deryk.