Thursday, May 19, 2011

Washing the Car...Sort of

Like me, you might be shocked as to how quick a dark-colored car can turn yellow on a pollen-filled day.

I had a day free last week so I thought I should wash the car. The question was, do I include Eli or not. On the practical, trying-to-get-things-done side, this was a no-brainer. I’d better wait until he naps. However, on the fun, Daddy-time side, there was an adventure waiting. I chose an adventure and I got a wet one.

After filling up the bucket with soap and water, I thought it might be best for me to hold the hose…for obvious reasons. But then he took the sponge and started washing the driveway. The sponge filled quickly with sand and I thought, “That’s going to leave a mark!”

So, I took the sponge. I quickly regretted my decision while running away from the spray. Some of it actually did get on the car. I would have him spray the car and then I would wash and he would then rinse. It sort of went like that. Sometimes, I guess.

Eli laughed all the time but I think I had more fun. Once I was wet, I realized getting the car done was the last thing I needed to do. Spending fun time with Eli was far more important.

Later that day, after I dried off, I thought about my time and realized that my partnering with God is a lot like washing the car.

If God could get frustrated, He surely could get frustrated with me. It would be better for Him to do things alone. It would be so much better, faster, and without any mess. It would be perfect. Yet, He chooses to do things with me. He chooses the relational time, Father-and-son time, Eli-and-his-daddy-washing-the-car time, and that’s perfect.

I’m sure He smiles and laughs at me as I think I can do it. Daddy, Daddy, I do. I do! And as I ponder it now, I think what I fool I am to believe I can do this on my own or even at all. It is like Eli being alone to wash the car. I am not doing God’s work. God is working and I get to partner with Him. I don’t even know if I am helping, but I get to be a part.

Washing cars and partnering with God, what an honor to be like Eli and have fun working with our Father. We get wet, we have fun, we smile, and I think He smiles as well.

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