Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Cabinet That Shall Not Be Named

I was puttering around this morning, cleaning up what was left from the night before. Recycling needed to be put away and the counter needed to be cleaned off. I then started to put away the clean dry dishes. Some of them were easy to put away, but then there were some other items that I tried to avoid. I saw them and hoped someone else could put them away. I dreaded the next step. I had to put the Tupperware away.

Oh I how I despise the Tupperware cabinet. I always close my eyes when I first open the door. I expect a pile of Tupperware will fall out. There is some order in there. The covers are all together. But the rest of it is stacks of different shapes and sizes. They lean over worse than the Tower of Pisa.

I always wonder how we get more Tupperware. It seems like every time I open the door there are the uninvited and unwanted Tupperware friends who are bent on ruining my house. It’s like the dust underneath the bed or the squirrels by the bird feeder, where did you come from? Wait…check that…I don’t want to know where the dust comes from.

As I opened the door this morning, I wondered about what I should do next. Should I just throw the container in and not deal with it? Or should I take the time to restack, hoping that my restacking would make a structural engineer proud?

As I stared at the cabinet, God began to speak to me. Deryk, what cabinet is there in your life that you are avoiding? Why won’t you open up that door and let Me deal with what’s in there?

Did you have to go there, God?

Yes, there is that cabinet door that only gets opened up every once in a while. At first, I did not even know it was there. I would walk by it and not even see it. Then God pointed it out to me, and from that point on I avoided it whenever I got the chance. There were times that I would have to open the door. The stuff flew out and I tried to cram it all back in so that I could shut the door. But mostly, I did not want to deal with the unchecked sin and all of its uninvited and unwanted friends.

Jesus, can’t we deal with this some other time? Please. Are you sure?

Looks like I am going to clean my “Tupperware cabinet.”

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