Thursday, March 8, 2012

A Physical Prayer

I wanted to share a prayer that has really moved me lately. It was spoken by a Celtic Christian named Fursa. Fursa was from the early 7th century and he was an evangelist, church planter, and a founder of monastic communities in Ireland, England and France.

His prayer is very physical. I love His desire to be like Christ in every fabric of His being. Like Fursa, I want to act, speak and live like Christ in everything I do. I hope you want the same as well.

The Breastplate of Fursa

May the yoke of the Law of God be upon this shoulder,

The coming of the Holy Spirit on this head,

The sign of Christ on this forehead,

The hearing of the Holy Spirit in these ears,

The smelling of the Holy Spirit in this nose,

The vision that the people of heaven have be in these eyes,

The speech of the people of heaven in this mouth,

The work of the Church of God in these hands,

The good of God and of neighbor in these feet.

May God dwell in this heart,

And this person belong entirely in God the Father.

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  1. Deryk, thank you so much for sharing this prayer with us. What a powerful and yet simply stated request to our God this is.