Thursday, April 12, 2012

Searching for God's Handiwork

A few days ago I went for a walk in the park that is near my house. I wanted some time with God. I took with me my binoculars and a Bible. Both of these things help me see God at work around me in His word and in nature.
I also was hopeful that I would see some warblers. The warblers always return north this time of year and I was excited to see a few. Mind you, not everyone notices these beautiful little birds. Most walk right by unaware. I have learned to look in the right places and notice the signs.
My time with God was rewarded as I shared with God my longings for Him. I also noticed some new things in His word. Furthermore, God gave me an extra blessing of seeing not only a beaver at work in a stream but a warbler as well.
I came home and told my wife what God revealed to me. Later, God revealed even more. It came in the form of a question. Deryk, I know you are excited to see the warbler but are you as excited to see My handiwork in others' lives including your own?
The question struck me. I was so happy to see the warbler. I still am, but am I searching just as hard for God's presence around me or do I just walk right by unaware? Am I scanning my surroundings with a spiritual binocular?
Jesus was always on the lookout for His Father's presence. He knew where to look. Then, wherever He found His Father at work, He joined right in.
Am I the same? Is God asking me to take another walk so that He can reveal more?
I think so.

Photo by CarbonNYC

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