Saturday, January 12, 2013

An Offer

Photo by Winged Foot
In Genesis 12, God came to Abraham (then Abram) with an offer. He offered Abraham the chance to be in a deep, loving relationship with Himself. God told him that He would do great things for Abraham and through Him to others. God offered this all to Abraham if he obeyed God and went to the place God would show him.

We don’t know if Abraham thought about it for long. We simply know he said yes and began to go to the place where God was leading him. Abraham’s journey was not just a geographical one. God also was forming in Abraham a people who would follow Him. That journey took a lifetime.

I’m sure the journey was not easy. Abraham had to push himself forward at times when he didn’t understand. He had to have patience to align his timing with God’s timing. He also had to obey God at times when his emotions didn’t agree (the sacrifice of Isaac comes to mind). Yet through it all, Abraham obeyed God and followed Him wherever God led him.

God followed through on His promise. He always does. He blessed Abraham and blessed others through Abraham as well. He showed Him countless miracles. He even blessed Him with a personal visit.

God is graciously giving the same offer to you and I as well--the same offer of relationship and blessing. 

God calls us to follow Him where He wants to lead us. He won’t lead us there in one day. He will only give us the direction for the moment. Yet He will always be with us.

Are you willing to take that step in the direction where God is leading you today? It will take obedience and faith. It will take patience to align to His schedule not your own.

God wants to bless you with Himself. He wants to bless others through you as well. Will you follow Him?

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