Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Letter from Peru

As many of you know, in February I had the opportunity to go to Peru and begin a partnership with a new church. I was truly moved by the church and its pastor. Recently, I received an email from him that I wanted to share with you.

Dear pastor,

I greet you, your leadership team and church members with happiness in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Pastor Deryk, we are very excited since you wrote telling us that you wanted to visit us. God give you the desires of your heart to visit us. We are very happy that our God will give us new opportunities to share moments with you and we thank God in advance because through your church we are being blessed with happiness gifts for our children. Currently there are 262 children, and maybe in December or January next year we will enroll more, though we haven’t decided this yet, but we will certainly be in touch.

On the other hand, our church is very thankful to you for sponsoring our children, and in this way you are becoming part of the work team in this ministry with children and enlarging Heaven’s Kingdom. Pastor, I also wanted to tell you that last September 18th, the Evangelical churches of our city Barranca went out to the streets in a parade in occasion of the Bible’s month, and we testified of Christ. The children also went with us, so we are attaching some photos.

Many blessings,

Pastor Justiniano & Janet Rodas

Missionary Evangelical and Pentecostal Church

“Templo Sion”

As I read the letter, I thought about them walking the streets together and proclaiming Jesus Christ. I can hear them singing. I can see the children walking together. What a parade!! A public parade of people who are testifying of the greatness and love of Jesus Christ.

I looked away from my computer and I smiled. Then I was humbled. In that moment, I better understood the benefits of partnership. It is in these sort of partnerships that we get to celebrate the great things we see God doing. And it is also in these relationships where we are encouraged and challenged to grow.

I wonder if we would have the same boldness to put Jesus Christ on display in front of others? Do I witness to others in such a way that they see a parade testifying to the greatness of Jesus? What would happen?

I read the letter and am encouraged by a pastor and a church who are putting it all on the line for Jesus in their community. I hope my life and our church’s life does the same for our own.

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