Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Getting Dirty

What a blast! On Saturday I got to jump over fire, wade through the mud and climb over walls. Even better, I was able to do all of that with friends. We were all warriors involved in the Warrior Dash.
Can I tell you how good it is to get dirty and muddy with others?
Getting dirty with others reminds of what it is like when we care and love others in need. It often gets messy. It’s never clean. Loving people means getting into the muck of their lives with them.
And that mud comes from everywhere. Sometimes it comes from situations out of their control. More dirt comes from the bad choices they have made. There is usually mud and a lot of it.
When we love others we not only get right in the mud with them, we also show them the way out. It’s hard to get out of the mud when you’ve been sitting in it for so long. However, when it’s not your mud, it’s easier to show the way out.
Most importantly, it is best to love people as a community. Getting out of the mud is hard, and we need each other for support and wisdom. We need that extra helping hand to help lift us out.
When you think about it, it’s good to get dirty and muddy with others. It’s what Jesus did with us, and it is our honor to do it together with others.

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  1. Had a blast getting dirty and muddy with you guys!