Thursday, September 6, 2012

Sound of Crickets

The other night I was taking Baxter out when I heard the sound of a cricket coming from a dahlia plant. I ran inside to get a flashlight so that I could see how the cricket was making the sound. I stood there mesmerized as I watched this cricket rub its little wings together to make this unique sound.
God’s creativity and creation are amazing. The thought and design by which we are all created amazes me.
As I watched the cricket, I couldn’t help but think of our lives as believers. We are God’s creation, His workmanship. And when we live faithfully for Him, doing what we were created to do, we too make a majestic sound.
Yet it can seem like we are all alone at times. The dahlia we are on seems lonely and we begin to wonder if we are the only ones chirping away for God. We might begin to wonder if we are making any impact in the world around us.
Go outside at night and stop and listen. As you step away from that solitary cricket on the dahlia, you begin to notice the heavenly symphony of sound, each part of which is there for a reason and a special purpose.
We might be living faithfully alone on that dahlia. But we are not alone. There are others all around us chirping in, singing the song that our Creator gave us. And the louder and we play our song of faithfulness, the louder the heavenly chorus sounds.

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