Friday, November 16, 2012

An Invitation to Respond

Photo by Nikita Gavrilovs

All of us go through tough times. It could be a medical condition, a broken relationship, or financial woes. None of us are immune to hard times. We all go through times where we don’t know which end is up. And we wonder how we should respond.
Personally, I have gone through tough times, and I am going through one right now.
When we go through these times, the questions are inevitable. Why me? Why now? Have I done something wrong? God, why don’t you answer me? There is also the personal pity party. No one has problems like me. It’s easy to become self-focused and consumed with the issue at hand.
It can also become tempting to think that God is not around. I believe we have that feeling because we think hard times like this should not come our way. Yes, we know people go through tough times. But we still get caught off guard when they happen to us. We begin to question His presence and we inwardly proclaim, this shouldn’t happen to me.
Often, during these times, we become like the disciples in the boat in the midst of the storm. God, why are you sleeping? Don’t you care? Look at us, we are going to die.
I’ve had that long walk with God. I’ve cried out in frustration, wanting something different. It’s hard to deal with tough times when we don’t understand.
How should we be during these struggles? Is it OK to freak out like the disciples? Should we just put on a happy face and wait it out? Have faith people will say. But what does that mean? What does that look like?
I know if I were talking to my father-in-law about this he would ask me a question. How is God inviting you to respond?
What he is saying by that question is this. God is there--always. He is fully present and He knows what’s going on. And He has a plan.
The question for us, for me: How is He inviting you to respond at this moment, in this situation? Get away from your feelings for a moment and listen to what God is asking. Is He inviting you to rest next to Jesus in the boat? Is it to trust in Him? Is it to go to others and be lifted up by them?
How is He inviting you to respond?


  1. God didn't say we wouldn't have tough times- He said I WILL be there, through the fire and the flames.
    And in trials our patience is perfected.
    You are being perfected! Hallelujah!

    You may be an inspiration for someone else who is struggling and needs to see your trust in God.
    I am in a very unsettled job situation and I'm a control freak. It's very difficult to sit back and say, God, I'm going to be happy to let You just drive the bus. I don't need to know where it's going as long as it's YOU driving. Thank You for being the Driver.
    This situation has so much potential for stress, but it is way lower for me this time around because I am holding God's hand, and concentrating on how I can help others with what I have.
    Peace and blessings- prayers for your solution to come through.

  2. Thank you for your words. I agree that we are always to make God the driver. It's just hard for me to not want to give directions.:)
    Thanks again.