Wednesday, April 9, 2014

You can do it!

Yes, I am still thinking about our time with Shodankeh Johnson. More specifically, I have been thinking about his call for us to be like Elijah in our lives.
I want to be like Elijah in my passion for God and for the salvation of others. I want to be more obedient and prayerful. I want to make disciples. I want to be used by Him. I know many of you desire to be an Elijah as well.
A few days ago, I was with my son Elijah. Through my time with Elijah, God helped me understand how God strengthens and encourages us to live fully for Him.
For quite some time, we have been trying to encourage Elijah to ride his bike without training wheels. Every time we asked him, he refused. Eli was scared. He didn’t think he could do it. That fear crippled him.
Sounds familiar.
As a Dad, I knew Eli could do it. He had the balance down. I just needed to get him going. I knew he could do the rest.
The other day, I finally got him on that bike. Two minutes was all he needed before he was riding on his own. He had an absolute blast.
Too often I notice we think we can’t do what God asks us. Fear cripples us. We think we will fail. We think it will be too hard. We come up with every excuse.
Yet our Father knows we can. He has given us everything in His arsenal for us to be victorious in what He asks us to do.
We can do it. We can be like Elijah. God knows we can.
We just need to get on the bike.

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