Saturday, May 26, 2012

Initial Thoughts on Peru

What can I say about my time in Peru? There is so much. There are so many stories to be told and experiences to share.

It was such a joy to be with the children of the Compassion project. Their smiles and laughter are contagious. Their tutors from the church are incredible. It was so much fun playing with them.

I think my initial takeaway will be a conversation I had with the pastor of the church in Barranca, Pastor Justiniano. He was asking me for help in raising up leaders. He didn't think he was doing a good job raising up leaders who could take the ministry forward.

I was in shock. He wanted help from me? He didn't think he was doing enough?

I was at the church last February with my wife Christy. Since that time the church has become younger and grown in numbers. The project it runs for children has grown from 210 to over 275 with 50 more children coming in July. On top of that, the church has planted three churches in the outlying areas with their best leaders.

And he didn't think he was doing an adequate job raising up leaders. Pastor Justiniano and the church he serves are doing amazing things. God is on the move at that church. It excites me when I think what Jesus will do moving forward.

I am honored to be able to partner with him and I look forward to doing more in the future.

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