Monday, March 11, 2013


David with his tutor, Sarai
Every time I come down to Barranca Peru, I am struck by the holy work the church is doing. This time was no different. I was privileged to meet a young man named David.

David is handicapped from cerebral palsy. He was abandoned by his mother when he was a baby. She was cleaning homes with another woman and asked the woman if she could watch David for a few days. She never came back.

David's real mother, not his birth mother, has taken extraordinary care of him. She has loved him like her own child even when her husband wanted nothing to do with him.  She has done everything she could to raise him up as a normal child. David has come far with therapy.

A few years ago, a group from Holland was visiting the church and the Compassion project. For fun, they played soccer in the park next to David's house. One of the women from the group befriended David and connected him to the church. The church took over from there. They have helped with his therapy and have made him a real part of the everyday life of the church.

It has been a joy to watch David and see him interact with all of the children. When he came to Sunday School, a hundred children cried out "David!" He plays with all of the other children despite his difficulties. The outside world might treat him like he is condemned by God, but not this church. To them, David is God's beloved son.

When a church works and comes alongside a family in order to show God's love, God can do amazing things. 

It is such a privilege to watch this church partner with God to do His work! In my next blog, I want to share another piece of the story.

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