Friday, March 15, 2013

Divine Encounters

As I wrote in my last blog, we had the privilege of meeting David in Barranca, Peru. David has cerebral palsy and is in a wheelchair. He is a special man with an extraordinary family. He is loved by all who meet him.

When we went to David's house, we went as a group. I believe two woman in the group, Judy and Janet, were called by God to be there for a divine encounter. Many of you know Judy. Some of you know that Judy and Dick have a special needs son named Stephen. Stephen is over 50 years old, yet developmentally is just several months old. I have great admiration for Judy. I will never know how her and Dick managed while caring for Stephen when he was young. I'm sure there were struggles, crises, joys--a whole flood of emotions. Judy, will tell you that God strengthened and loved them every step of the way.

Before we met David, Judy was supposed to go on another home visit to a different house. Because there were two people going on that visit who were new to the trip, I decided to split them up and have Judy go with us. I can't say I was listening intently to God, but is there any doubt as to what God was doing?

Judy was able to talk to David's mom about her story. Judy could understand the mom's struggles and joys. God had prepared Judy for many years so that she would be the perfect person to speak to David's mom. God had many plans for Judy on this trip to Peru. This divine encounter might have been near the top of that list.

That night Judy shared here testimony of what God had done in her life. She shared the joys, the hard times and God's provisions. Her translator was a dear woman named Janet.

Janet thought she coming to Barranca to be just a translator. God had other plans in mind. Unbeknownst to us, over the last few years God had been placing in her heart a desire to work with handicapped and special needs children. The trip to Barranca was the next piece to the puzzle. God confirmed His call to her again and again. First, there was the divine encounter with David. Then she translated for Judy as she shared about her son, Stephen. The next night God spoke to her again during the sermon. Finally, a song was sung about the little seeds that God places in her heart that He would grow. She understood God's destiny for her life and was committed to place herself in God's service to help children like David and Stephen.

God had been preparing Judy and Janet to come together for a divine encounter for years. They met in Barranca. They came together not knowing what God had in store for them. They left as a friends with a greater commitment to follow Him wherever He leads them in life.

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